Securities Fraud Litigation

Securities fraud can occur when a company publishes false or misleading information about its business. Sometimes, the information is misleading because it is only a half-truth; in other cases, the company has not disclosed all of the relevant information. These are some of the forms securities fraud can take:

  • Concealing important adverse information about the company;
  • Misrepresenting how well the company‚Äôs product is selling; and
  • Significant accounting irregularities.

If an investor buys or sells stock at a price that has been affected by fraudulent information from the company, federal law allows the investor to sue for damages. Most often, a company, its top management and board of directors may be sued for such violations. Other individuals may also be sued, such as accountants or other professionals who knew about the fraud.

The Firm has pursued numerous securities class actions over the years involving companies in industries such as: cellular telephones, computer manufacturing, motion pictures, oil and gas production, real estate and software.