Consumer Protection

Weinstein Kitchenoff & Asher LLC’s consumer protection practice is aimed at helping consumers who have fallen victim to unscrupulous business practices.

Common ways in which consumers are harmed by such business practices include:

  • False and misleading advertising of products or services;
  • Being charged for services not rendered;
  • Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act;
  • Product defects;
  • Breach of warranty; and
  • Violations of the Truth in Lending Act.

Consumer protection cases generally do not involve personal injury claims, and do not involve business to business transactions. Depending on the wrongdoing, consumers may have recourse for financial damages under state consumer protection statutes and/or federal law.

Weinstein Kitchenoff & Asher LLC has been protecting consumers on a class-wide basis for decades. Details on some of the Firm’s consumer protection cases can be found here.