Egg Products Antitrust Litigation

WKA is co-lead counsel for direct purchasers of fresh and processed egg products who allege that an industry-wide price fixing conspiracy has artificially raised the price of shell eggs and egg products over the past several years.

The complaint alleges that a cartel of egg producers, acting through the auspices of the principal industry trade groups, engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially inflate prices of eggs and egg products by restricting the supply of both laying hens and eggs across the country.

WKA has been appointed by the Court to serve as both liaison counsel and as one of four co-lead firms responsible for managing this litigation on behalf of a putative class of direct purchasers of eggs.  As of April 2014, settlements in the amount of $56.5 million had been reached with several defendants.  Class certification briefing begins on May 30, 2014.

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